Park Maintenance

Adhering to Newton Conservators‘ principles of conservation and recognizing trail maintenance safety demand, we judiciously remove trail obstructions. The wood remains within the natural confine of the park, ‘cut and fall’ policy evidenced by trail border. As one traverses the park, the borders are markings in time, each signifying nature interacting with man.

grafitti 5 21 09

Edmand’s WPA fireplace a victim of vandals.

Volunteers well versed in the flora have documented certain rare species non indigenous to our region. Other areas of the park also conceal intentional plantings dating back many decades to years of gardening wonderment. A botanical garden was proposed by citizens decades ago.

We recognize that the park is hosted by a neighborhood with particular problems:  Edmands brook flooding, underage alcohol & drug use, vandalism, homelessness, wildlife, Boston College revelry, etc. requiring neighborhood involvement –  many times solved without city intervention, acknowledging of course the city is there if needed.

Friends of Edmands (FoE) are in the park daily monitoring needs – enhancing the visitor experience.  We aid the DPW sewer division in keeping clear of debris the three Edmands Brook choke points, acknowledging the occasional assist by Boston College ground maintenance staff in the effort.  Organized trash, debris, and animal waste removal by respectful park users is a diligent chore.  The moral consciousness of civic responsibility is applied in return for the privilege of walking off-leash.  Trail stabilization is addressed by the efforts of those who recognize Edmands’ as falling heir to a city neglectful of the responsibility associated with land ownership.   Trail stabilization addressed by the efforts of a few goes unnoticed, without credit.  The sense of responsibility for park upkeep is individually applied, not for remuneration, but for the mere personal satisfaction in seeing something needing to be done and doing it . 100_FUJI-DSCF1998_DSCF1998

Be at one with nature in the 33 acre natural setting, acknowledging that we are fulfilling the behest of the visionary Edmands brothers – true conservationists ahead of their time.

For immediate concerns re: safety, maintenance, and security please go to our interactive trail map page noting the youtube index point.   Sending an email to: will direct a detail to the matter.