About Us

A stream runs through the beautiful fall woods.

Edmands Brook runs through the beautiful fall woods.

Friends of Edmands is composed primarily of deep seated nature lovers of Newton, dog walkers (off and on leash), and non-partisan protectors of our 33 acre multi-use park. For generations (predating the Newton Leash Law of the 1970’s) we have conscientiously applied the original principles set forth in 1913 by the Edmands’ family grant.  The City of Newton in accepting the acreage originally declined in admitting to or providing for a maintenance budget, setting the stage for gradual neglect.  One hundred years of man-made ‘improvements’ such as the 1930’s WPA park renovation and the 1970’s skate pond dredging and vinyl liner have altered the original Edmands’ parkland landscape.  The absence of visionary conservation protection then left nature pitted against man-made creations, testimony to the short-sighted unintended folly of man – an inherent shortcoming.  The bio-diverse nature, invasive species overgrowth, trail maintenance, Boston College matters, neighborhood flooding, teenage revelry, etc. found Edmand’s without an adequate voice protecting the park. Realizing many years ago that we were subject to 4 competing jurisdictions: Newton Parks & Recreation, Newton Conservation Commission, Newton DPW water & sewer division, and MWRA (Mass. Water Resource Authority), we felt the way to best serve the needs of the hundreds of active park users was by doing that which was not being addressed by government; hence our slogan ‘your tax dollars not at work’.

We are volunteers and charitable protectionists ready and willing to carry-on the visionary practices of the Edmands’ Brothers from the 1800’s. Spiritually uplifting features of the Park can be found throughout the north and south tracts.  Active exploration discovers features hidden from the unobservant.  Like any friends group, there is a core group with a multitude of life experience, ready and willing to share in the celebration Edmands’ gift brings.


Click the photo above to see the documents!

Click the photo above to see the documents!

Friends of Edmands has been consistently pursuing the preservation of nature in Newton for decades. Click here to see documents from the first public meeting ever held!